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How to Use the Rx Study Planner



  • Simran

    Hello. I am unable to download or access my sheet. I am clueless can you please help me with it? Will it only work on laptop or computer? Can I use it on a tablet? Thank you.

  • Jeff Downing

    While you can use it on a tablet, we recommend that you use your laptop or computer, especially when you're setting it up.

  • Alexandra Rodriguez

    Hello. I have tried to access the planner from my laptop but the link says: "Sorry, unable to open the file at this time."

  • Adi Aharonov


    There's a problem with the planner that I and others have faced recently. 

    We tried to download the new version of the schedule offered on the website and by email, but after writing our name and email, we don't receive an email back. I've submitted about 4 times and others the same, yet nothing happens. Is this a technical difficulty?


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